Homemade Baked Scotch Eggs

Homemade Scotch Eggs are a massive favourite with the men of this house. Little man can eat these till they are coming out of his ears and if I want to score a few brownie points with Mr Fixer then these are a must. I am not saying that these made Mr Fixer paint our back kitchen but they certainly helped!!!

In my quest to help my family eat as healthily as possible I bake these Scotch Eggs, they come out of the oven golden brown and beautifully crisp. I don’t think that they are lacking in anything for not being fried. Here is how I make them.


Boiled eggs – as many as you want to make.

Sausages – I use two per egg, you need to remove the skins – you can add herbs and spices if you like, but I keep them plain for Little Man.

Breadcrumbs – I use homemade, just blitz up a few slices of bread in a processor or shop bought ones will do the job just fine.

Eggs – beaten for rolling your Scotch Eggs in to coat with breadcrumbs.

Flour – any type.



I then take two sausages and kinda smoosh them together and roll into a ball.



The next step is to squash them with the palm of my hand between two sheets of cling film to make a flat disk of sausage meat.



You then place your boiled egg in the middle of your sausage meat disk and roll it up so that it is covering the egg totally and is now back to an egg shape. When I have done this I find rolling the sausagey egg in a little flour a great help as it stops it from sticking to your hands and making a mucky mess!



The next step is just as easy, roll your sausage covered egg into your bowl of beaten egg then onto the plate of breadcrumbs. To make them extra crispy and if you have got egg and breadcrumbs left over you can do this stage again.



In an ideal world you would put your Scotch Egg into the fridge for 30 minuets or so to firm up but hey who lives in that world?? I am usually making these whilst hanging out the washing, tidying the front room, then running out of the door to pick Little Man up from school!! So straight into the oven they go.



They take about 30mins to cook in my fancy new halogen oven but used to take around 40mins in my conventional oven, turning over half way through.

No action shots of them being eaten as the little monkeys scoffed them before I could get my camera out.

Ideally these should be left to cool before being gobbled up – they are great for picnics, with salad or as in our house – great for breakfast, dinner and tea!

I really must find myself a vegetarian version of these so that I can enjoy them too. If you could point me in the direction of a great veggie version I would be most grateful.

What do you think of my Halogen Oven?? I have had it about five months now and I use it every single day, the only thing that I don’t bake in it is cakes and bread – I did try to bake a loaf in it and it was a disaster, it was like a lump of lead – It is too small to bake any of my cakes in but I did try scones and they turned out fabulous. So do you have a Halogen Oven? if so what is the very best thing that you bake in it? I would love to know.

Have a great day.






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