Hoobie Buns – a family favourite


It was Bread Week on The Great British Bake Off last week. Making bread for the bread master that is Paul Hollywood to taste would have scared the pants off me, but I think that the contestants did a fabulous job.

The first challenge was Rye Bread – not an easy bread to make add to that the fact that they all had to be perfectly equal, not an easy challenge. I thought that Louis’ two tone rolls made with a light and a dark dough looked amazing. Nancy’s pear cider and walnuts rolls looked equally tempting.

The show stopper challenge was filled loaves, whilst I liked most of the others Louis’ Roscon De Reyes (I had never heard of that before last week) was fantastic and very deservingly won him Star Baker.



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So I decided that for this weeks challenge I would make a filled loaf – well filled rolls really. My lovely family affectionately call these rolls “Hoobie Buns” after a children’s programme that Little Man likes to watch called The Hoobs. They are very similar to a Chelsea bun (recipe HERE) or a Clone of Cinnabon (recipe HERE) They are really easy to make and they can be made up to the second prove stage and left covered in the fridge overnight ready to bake in the morning as these are best eaten on the day of baking.





600g Bread Flour

1 tsp Salt

100g White Sugar

2 x Sachet of Fast Acting Yeast.

230mls of Warm Milk

2 x Large Eggs

75g Melted Butter


75g Soft Butter

1tbsp Mixed Spice

200g Soft Brown Sugar

2 x Hand Full Sultanas

2 x Hand Full Flaked Almonds


Half a cup of Icing Sugar

Lemon Juice

Warm milk, melt 75g butter add to bread flour, yeast, salt and sugar. Need until a smooth dough approx ten mins or need in your Kenwood with the dough hook for approx five mins leave covered to rest in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size – or if it is a freezing cold, damp and miserable day put the roll ingredients into your bread maker and set to the dough setting like I did.

When the dough has doubled in size turn out onto a lightly floured surface and using a rolling-pin roll out into a rectangle approx 16 x 20 inches.

Mix the 75g of soft butter with the brown sugar and mixed spice until soft and spreadable. Spread this mixture onto the dough rectangle. Scatter 2 hand fulls of sultanas and two hand fulls of flaked almonds onto the buttered dough.

Roll up the dough into a large sausage shape starting at the longest edge. Cut into twelve equal portions. Place rolls onto a baking tray that is lined with baking parchment. Cover and let rise in a warm place until nearly doubled – probably 30 to 40 mins.

Place rolls into a pre-heated oven at 200c – 180c fan – gas mark 6 for 15-18mins. You may have to cover the rolls after 10 mins of cooking as this dough browns really quickly.

When rolls are cool make your icing – how much you need will depend on how much icing you like – these are a sweet roll so we don’t like too much icing but slather on as much as you like. I make my icing with lemon juice instead of water to add to the buns flavour.



Week four of The Great British Bake Off is desserts week – I wonder what fabulous creations the contestants will come up with – something chocolatey, something boozy maybe, that will please Mary Berry!

So tell me who is your favourite baker?? Who do you think will make it to the finals?? Surely Louis, Martha and Nancy – what about Kate? she is brill, will Norman’s plain but tasty style see him through? roll on Wednesday, bring me the desserts.

Have a great day.








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