New Year’s resolutions – do you or don’t you??

Well 2015 is almost here – I love the beginning of a new year.  It is a time to draw a line under the old year and any mistakes, mishaps or just about anything that was a bit rubbish. Draw a line under it, scrunch it up and throw it in the bin whatever you want to do just don’t let it occupy anymore space in your mind.

In years gone by my New Year’s resolutions have been about giving things up – alcohol, chocolate or sugar in my tea.  But for the last couple of years I have been making my resolutions more positive and more proactive.

Some of my resolutions for this year are going to be:

Learn to knit – and by this I mean properly.  I can knit and purl but that is about it. I would like to be able to make something wearable (even if it is only a scarf!)




Get some confidence – well act like I have some even if I don’t.  All of us suffer from lack of confidence at some time or other but just lately I have been feeling like I am not good enough or lack skills to do the things I really want to do. I have a really important interview coming up soon and I would like to appear confident even if I don’t feel it. I have been looking around the net for some hints and tips but this needs further research I think.


rose elliot


Healthy Eating – larger range of meals – this resolution is as old as time.  I joined Slimming World a few weeks ago and it is going really well. On top of the healthy eating I want to vary our meals.  Just lately I have fallen into the trap of cooking the same few dishes that I know are healthy and quick to prepare (life has been very busy lately – that is my excuse and I am sticking to it haha!!) I have got a fabulous recipe book The Complete Vegetarian by Rose Elliot  and I intend to cook more things from there. I also have a huge selection of recipes on my Pinterest board – I love looking for recipes and pinning them but that is a far as I get!! so I will be dipping to those for sure.




Be more Eco – I always try to do my bit for our fabulous planet such as recycle, reuse and reduce but want to look into making our home ‘greener’ I have been following a fabulous blog called ‘A Lazy Girl Goes Green’ for a while now and she has some fantastically easy ideas about being more eco friendly.




Work Hard – less procrastinating.  If all things go well I am going to have a really busy year ahead of me (more on that at a later date) and I really need to get myself more organised.  I think that this resolution is going to be the hardest one of all.


What about you? Do you make resolutions? what are yours? I would love to hear them.

I sincerely hope that 2015 is all that you want it to be. I know that for me 2015 is going to be the year that I tried really hard!! no half measures for me this year.

Have a great day.











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16 Responses to New Year’s resolutions – do you or don’t you??

  1. Tania says:

    Those are some great resolutions Lorna! Mine is just to take better care of myself which includes trying to eat healthier!

    Tania recently posted…Treasure Trove TuesdayMy Profile

  2. Nat says:

    Happy 2015!
    I spent most of yesterday coming up with my resolutions, I should have looked at yours beforehand – so many of them resonate with me.
    Less procrastinating is definitely one I should have decided on! In the end I went for a money saving target and the usual ‘get healthy’ mantra! I’d also like to make time to be more creative, let’s hope we can both stick to them!!

    • lovinglyhandmade says:

      A money saving target wounds like a fabulous idea – have you heard of the buy nothing for a year buzz that is going around blogland. I am hoping because I have made my resolutions public I will make more effort to stick to them. Happy New Year

  3. Miep says:

    Hi Lorna,

    This could be my new years resolutions list. I’ve been thinking about the same things. I need the discipline to stick to it. I know I can because I’ve done it before and I’m just reminding myself how good I felt when I ate more healthy. I guess it’s an issue after all the holiday food.
    About the feeling more confident: I once talked to a woman who told me she got more confident by using the “fake it till you make it” method. She said that really works and makes you feel stonger in small steps. Good luck with your interview. I’m sure you’ll do a great job!
    Miep recently posted…A quote on sunday 7My Profile

    • lovinglyhandmade says:

      Thank you so much for your good luck wishes Miep – I am definitely going to be giving the fake it til you make it method. Good luck with the healthy eating.

  4. Happy New Year Lorna! They sound like a great set of resolutions! I wish you all the best for the upcoming interview. Stay positive and close the door of your mind to the demons of self doubt. They don’t deserve any space in there. You’re perfect just as you are ♥
    I’m still working on my goals for New Year, but one thing I definitely need to do is become more focused. 2014 was a wonderful year but it went by in a flash and I didn’t achieve anywhere near as much as I’d wanted to do. Hopefully if I set some goals for each week, it’ll keep me on track x
    Sharon @ Bit of the Good Stuff recently posted…Soundtrack to 2014My Profile

    • lovinglyhandmade says:

      Hi Sharon being more focused is a great goal – one I would love to master. I agree 2014 flew by. Setting monthly goals might work for me, thank you for the inspiration. And thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement.

  5. shaheen says:

    I don’t really do resolutions, as I have always failed to keep them. But I have set myself a couple of goals this year, to start Yoga and to cook more often from my cookbooks and not just flick and gawp at the recipes. Good luck with your plans, I would so love to knit or crochet, but it would only happen if I had a friend close by and we would encourage each other, I have failed to do it on my own.

    • lovinglyhandmade says:

      Yes I always failed my resolutions too until I turned them into a positive thing instead of a give up thing. I taught myself to crochet by watching youtube. There are literally hundreds of fantastically kind and talented folk on there who are willing to share their knowledge. I am hoping to learn to knit the same way. Good luck with the Yoga and the cooking. I will be checking your blog for tasty recipes.

  6. Joss says:

    Yes, we were talking about making positive resolutions for a change as well. I think I’d like to find time to read one book every week, but that would be unrealistic so instead I’m aiming for one every fortnight. Plus I want to lose a stone! How hard can it be?

    • lovinglyhandmade says:

      From what I know (which isn’t much!) the first steps to losing that stone is to change the ‘I want’ to ‘I am’ Well done on the positive resolutions they are definitely better than the give something up kind. Happy New year Joss

  7. Happy new year! I don’t really do resolutions, but I would like to eat a bit healthier from now on :)
    Susie – recently posted…What do Vegans Eat? December 2014.My Profile

  8. I cannot say that “faking it until you make it” is a cure, but it can help that is for sure, so I wish you a lot of confidence – at least appearing to have it – and then perhaps that will mean that you really do have it! I hope that your New Year will be wonderful! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx
    Amy at love made my home recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

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